Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Pictures Say it All!

Yesterday was a special day for my wife and me at the Liberty Baptist Church of Van Wert, Ohio. It was Oct. 1, 1995 that the church voted to call me to be their new pastor. My official first Sunday to start ministering was Nov. 1st. It has been a wonderful adventure filled with laughter and tears, but also spiritual and numerical growth of which Coletta and I are very grateful. Thank you Liberty family for being so good to the Burns' family! Thank you for taking us in and being patient with us and putting up with my crazy ways for 13 years. May God give us another 13 years!

On a different note, we are making some serious progress at our new building. New sanctuary chairs have arrived, four of our classrooms are ready to go, and it won't be long that the pastor's study, the lobby and hallways and the rest of classes will be completed. Also, a big giant step for our church took place a week ago Saturday with four wall hanging air conditioners being installed. Please pray for us as we ask God for laborers from other churches to come assist us in completing this project. Our biggest giant hurdle now is getting our chapel completed and then our main auditorium. The pictures tell the story.

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