Monday, October 11, 2010


(Pictured: The 12 men from Liberty Baptist attending retreat)
Due to the days and many hours our men invested to put the finishing touches on our new church auditorium this year, we were not able to spend much planning time working on our annual retreat. Rather than having several church groups involved, this year we felt we needed to just get away as a group of men from our church. With limited funds available, the Lord used David and Janice Lichtensteiger of Convoy, OH to offer their cabin at Coldwater Lake, Michigan for free! The cabin was just the right size for our group, and with Deacon Jerry Miller organizing the meals, we had a grand ole time in the best "Indian Summer" autumn weather one could ask for.

Sunny skies from Thurs. to Saturday, and temperatures in the 60's and 70's, fishing and just sight seeing on the Lichtensteiger's pontoon boat were the highlights of the 2 day stay. For me, the fellowship was awesome, the campfire was warm, but seeing 11 men from our church Saturday morning sitting out in the Lord's creation alone during their "30 minute God and I Time" brought tears of joy to my eyes.

"Thank you Lord for putting this together for us this year! We all needed the rest and the fellowship in Your beautiful autumn weather and your scenic creation! What a blessing!"