Monday, March 31, 2008

Something to Think About!

Well, I never thought I'd do this, but, I am doing it. I don't like blogs, cos they often become gossip and gripe sessions. They can also waste a lot of your time. Having said that, I'm using a blog format linked to our new church web site with the following goals in mind:

1. To have a "weekly" newsletter from my heart to the heart of the Liberty Baptist Church family, friends of Liberty and friends of mine.

2. To keep people who love our church and our family informed of what's happening here.

3. To share my heart with you concerning biblical principals and promises that I (personally) believe are being either over looked or neglected.

4. To get "God's People" to think "OUTSIDE THE BOX," when the Bible is not "inside" the box.

5. To share with you and others my passion for what I believe is desperately missing in the church today.


1. It will not be a channel to create division over church leaders or different principles or practices in the church today.

2. It will not be an avenue to argue theology. Example: Calvinism, election, etc.

3. It will not be a means for me to criticize or "whip" people who disagree with me or with whom I disagree.

4. It will not be a place where you can publicly "comment" on my articles. I will list my personal Email address which you are welcome to use to share your thoughts about what I write. I will personally read your private comments, but I will not publicly post your comments. Why? It's a newsletter not a gossip session, remember?

So, please hold me accountable to the above goals for this "blog" newsletter. If it becomes more of a burden to the church and our friends (and me) than a blessing, we'll just delete it.

I'm Jim Burns and that's "Something to Think About!"