Sunday, May 2, 2010


Last Tuesday was history for the Liberty Baptist Church men of Van Wert, Ohio. To my knowledge, this was "a first" in the 28 years of our church's existence. With just one week's notice, we invited our church men by Emails, a church announcement, and a few phone calls to drop everything and go to a campground to spend a week day fishing, eating, sitting around the campfire, and fellowshipping.

12 men journeyed out to Grover Hill, Ohio to Bluewater Campground during the day, with an additional four men coming in the evening to make our total attendance 16. Travis Kittle and I were burdened to try and encourage the men of our church who where laid off, and also invite men who could take a day off work or come after their work day for some Christian "R & R." A couple of the guys actually got out at our camper in time to throw some sausage on the open fire for breakfast. The other men enjoyed lunch and supper again, cooked over an open fire.

A lot of the guys fished all day, a few played mini-golf, and my main fun was just hanging out with "the church guys," keeping some fresh coffee on all day and drinking plenty of coffee myself! This was great healing for our souls, and I believe a great victory for the Lord and the Liberty men to help draw us closer to the Lord and more united as the "Men of Liberty."

Thanks to all of you who helped last Tuesday be a one day camp success.

I'm Pastor Jim Burns and that's something to think about!