Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Miley's First Birthday!

Our one and only grandchild will celebrate being "one" on Aug. 20th. She has added a new dimension to the life of our family more than you will ever know (unless you are a grandparent too)! When God adds another child to your family or a "grandchild," you don't take away love from your present children or grandchildren to add love to the new one. God gives you additional love in your heart for each addition. We love em all!

Tonight, I want to give God praise for this beautiful little girl that has won our hearts. She has the looks of her Mom, the sense of humor of her dad, the charm of her grandma, and my intelligence! :-) She crawls all over the place now, and is pulling up to everything and standing. She's starting to take a few steps as she hangs on to stuff, and if she's not "teething," wet, or hungry (or sleeping), she wears a grin that will turn my darkest day into sunshine.

"Lord, I thank you for Miley. Thank you for bringing her through her first year of life in the world. Thank you that on this her very first birthday, she is healthy, has no physical or mental challenges, and is the new sunshine in the lives of the Riley's and the Burns' families."


I'm Jim Burns and that's something to think about.