Monday, November 11, 2013

Missionaries Hit by Typhoon in Philippines

Wynn's Cell Phone in Wake Forest, NC:  919 592 7579

The Wynns and their son, John and his family's homes and vehicles were all destroyed in the Typhoon.  They lost everything but their lives, and one of their church families drowned last Friday.  

Their Sun. School and Christian School Ed Building at their church was destroyed.

Their adult son, John, who is overseeing their ministry with a wife and 3 young children are trying to find a way to Manilla so they can be where there is needed food, pure water and clothing.  They are in the home of a national Philippine (mission staff member), but are basically "trapped" in Tocloban, where food and pure water are very scarce now.  They are desperate.

Much prayer is needed.   I just got off the phone with Howard and Virginia and he said it is the biggest trial of his life after 47 years of gospel ministry.  They have been in Tocloban for 36 years now.   Their church is only 3 miles from the city airport that was wiped away.

In 2006, my wife and missionary son, Aaron and I visited this mission and I have preached in this church.  We were there for a week, and it is a solid, soul winning Baptist ministry.  They had the finest Christian School on the island, and now with no facility and no tuition coming in and students who have lost everything, the school cannot function.

A fund has been set up for tax deductible gifts to help them rebuild.  Please contact me if you wish to have their  giving address.  ALL GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

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