Friday, December 18, 2009


The picture above was taken by Miley's Mom with her cell phone. Although it is probably quite meaningless to the average on looker, to Papa Burns, this image is PRICELESS!

This Tuesday evening, I was invited to my son Matt's house to have a nice quiet, quaint little Christmas with he, his wife, Jenny, and our only grandchild, Miley. Nanny Burns is in China, so I was feeling a little "solitary" last week and thus far this week, and looked forward to my evening with my granddaughter (and her parents). As I was about one mile away from their town here in Ohio, I received this text from my daughter in law which reads, "She is watching out the window for you!" Tears of joy swelled up in my eyes as I approached their house. "My granddaughter loves me and wants to see me tonight! Praise God" I thought.

I called Miley and let her know I was pulling up. She jumped off the couch and ran to the picture window in their dinning room looking with glee, and believe me when I say, "The smile on Miley's face and the twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes was one of the best Christmas gifts any "Grandpa" could ever get from a two year old! A big thanks to Miley and the rest of my family for making me feel so loved. It was an evening I will never forget! Soon, I'm off to the other side of the world to see the "rest of my family," my youngest son, Aaron and my wife, Coletta. Please pray for a safe flight to China, and our return home. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


From left to right: Don and Jenny Scott, Coletta and Jim Burns

The Scotts have been long time friends of ours who are members of the Westside Baptist Church, Hutchinson, KS. This was their first Thanksgiving away from their kids and grand kids. This picture was taken at the Carlisle Village Inn at Sugar Creek, OH. We did not stay here for Thanksgiving, but just before our dinner, we walked into the lobby and had our picture taken together.

I met the Scotts when I was in between churches. I went to Don's place to give him an estimate with a builder on doing dry wall work at the Scott's new country home. (Don't laugh building committee)! Little did I know that I would soon after join the pastoral staff at the Scott's church, and just five years after I met Don and Jenny, I would become their Pastor for the next nine years. When I resigned the church in Kansas in Nov. 1994, the Scotts bought our family Sunday dinner and brought it to our home to cry with us and hug our hearts. What a blessing to still have friends like the Scotts in Kansas and other places around the world. Thank you Don and Jenny for making our Thanksgiving so special this year. Come again! Burns' Bed and Breakfast and Coletta's Kitchen will always have the door open for you and your family!