Thursday, July 21, 2011


Pastor Thierry Belade from Haiti preached and gave his Christian testimony at our church last night.  This is the first year Pastor Belade has ever been to the U.S.  We had several visitors and a house full at church last night. 

I think he preached about an hour or more, but it was packed with spirit, emotion and the power of the Holy Spirit.  He left Van Wert today on a bus to New York to meet up with his wife and his baby boy that was just born a few weeks ago.  Due to complications during pregnancy, Mrs. Belade was flown to New York for medical care.  She and the baby are doing fine.   Please pray for the Belade family as they return to their mission work in Haiti.  Pastor Belade has started 13 churches and is the overseer of the mission that helped start these Baptist Churches.