Sunday, June 19, 2011


God blessed me in a great way this week end.  Coletta and I went to Bear Creek Farms in Indiana for a nice dinner out on Friday night.  Our church music leader, Fabian Canales and his wife Dolores took us out to Bob Evans Saturday night for our 35th Anniversary, and our church surprised us with a nice card and love offering at church today.   The Lord brought us 137 today at church, with many visitors in our worship service.  20 of our regulars were either in the hospital or out of town for Father's Day, so when they are back, we are  really looking to see "growth" at Liberty this summer!   The spirit of our church last Sunday and today has been excellent.  We have a renewed joy and freedom in the services that we have not seen in years!

Plus, I had a great Father's Day also. My granddaughter, Miley and her mom, Jenny in Kansas called us Thursday.  My son, Matt called me Saturday and Sunday, and I got a wonderful E-card and a "Skype" phone call from our youngest son, Aaron in China.  Great Father's Day gifts and a wonderful wife, Coletta, who has put up with me for 35 years as of yesterday.

I don't believe in luck or chance, but if I did I could say with Lou Gehrig, "I'm the luckiest man alive!"   Thanks everyone for making our Anniversary and my Father's Day so very special.