Tuesday, January 18, 2011


(Jim, Aaron & Matt Burns, and Miley Burns)
This is the "After Christmas Transfer!"  Our son and daughter in law from Prospect, OH were with us for Christmas along with our other son, Aaron who was home from China.  Our granddaughter Miley spent a couple of days with us after Christmas to play at "Nanny's House."  I  had a blast watching her "bond" with "Uncle Aaron" as she is now three and was just one when she last saw him.  Uncle Aaron and I took Miley to Kenton, OH and met Matt for a wonderful Mexican supper, then we "transferred" little Miley back to her Daddy to be delivered safely back to Mommy Jenny!  What a blessing to have a family that loves one and other!   Thanks gang for making Christmas so special for Coletta and me!

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