Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My wife, Coletta and I along with our youngest son home from China just returned from a New Year's vacation last night.  Monday, we left sunny Daytona Beach, Florida with 75 degrees, flew in one of the  "two" planes out of Daytona Beach Monday, changed planes at Charlotte, NC. After our second plane was "de-iced," we took off and landed at Nashville where our mini-van waited on us.  (All other Daytona Beach flights were canceled due to the ice and snow in Atlanta).

After battling the ice and snow driving from Nashville, TN to Ohio last night, we were welcomed by over 4 inches of snow!  I just got in from scooping snow for about an hour and loved it!  One of the blessings of colder temperatures and living in N. W. Ohio is the snow and cold temperatures keep the grass from growing.  I hate mowing grass (with a push mower) but love the snow!  The colder temperatures also kill the mosquitoes and bugs, plus as far north as we are, we really don't have hardly any snakes!  (No poisonous ones at all and none at all in winter)!

It's good to be home.  Can't wait to see everyone at church tonight!

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