Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm sure by the time you finish reading this blog, you will possibly think me to be "unpatriotic." If you think that, you are wrong. I love the United States and I am proud to be an American. I think our country's assets definitely out way our liabilities. The concern of my heart tonight is more about the churches in the United States verses the horrible degree of depravity that now permeates our nation. Matter of fact, I think if the "Church" of America was what we should be, our country would not be in the sinful mess we are in today.

I have visited nine different foreign mission fields. I have also been to "Pastor's Fellowship Meetings" here in the states where some pastors feel it is our job as U. S. Pastors to go oversees and "tell our missionaries" how to "get the job done!" I think we have it backwards. I think it's time we get some folks from South America and Asia to come to our country and our churches and explain to us "how to get the job done" and how we as "Bible Believing Churches" in the U. S. need to get back to the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18 - 20 in the Bible and start doing what the church was founded for. Win Souls to Christ, get people saved, baptize new converts, and disciple these new believers. Honestly, I am tired of seeing people who know better come to church and "pretend." I'm tired of dealing with people who are at church nearly every service, but display no zeal for Christ, no spiritual maturity, and no loyalty to the Bible and to the real purpose for why we are left on earth after we are saved.

Please don't think my "sermon" tonight is all about Liberty Baptist, the church where I serve. I am honored to minister among some of the most loving, dedicated, sincere, transparent, and zealous believers in the world. I love my church and would die for any one of our members. Most of them love the Lord, love my wife and me, and are a great blessing to us. I'm talking about the "American Church." The "Me Church." I could write another thousand words about the huge problems in our churches today, but, let me summarize it up with a recent story I heard from a dear pastor friend in a distant state. His Senior Pastor put out a congregational survey to find out what the church members liked and disliked in order to "improve their ministries." One member shared a complaint that he didn't like the power point slides for the congregational singing, because it didn't have a "bouncing ball" that floated above each word of the song on the "big screen" to help "him" know which word to sing! I'd love to ask that man how many lost souls he witnessed to last week, or even all of last year for that matter. This is what I am talking about. It's not about the computerized "singing bouncing ball" my friend. It's about Jesus Christ dying for your sins, and the mandate we have from Heaven to get this message to every one we can while we can. It's about Jesus saving you from Hell and you helping to keep others from going there.

The pictures above and below are real pictures of a church in a distant Asian country that went to a roof top ten stories high, inflated a child's swimming pool to have a baptism for new converts. They couldn't baptize in a public meeting place on Main Street, lest they all get arrested and the new converts taken to prison. These people are paying a price to get saved and to live for Christ. Their question at the end of a worship service is never, "When is that preacher going to stop?" There plea is, "Can you tell us more?"

Maybe we need to get these folks to come down from their roof and come to America and have them "melt our singing bouncing balls" and show us some true "Roof Top Christianity."

If you are a conservative Bible believing Christian and a church member, why not ask yourself the next time you have your little pity party at church, "What in the world does my pity party have to do with Matthew 28 and the Great Commission?"

Oh one other thing. I'm not telling you where this rooftop church is because I want to protect these Asian believers. Even though these believers don't have a church building to meet in like most believers...the Asian people are eager to hear and study God's Word whether it be on a rooftop, at a hotel conference room, in an apartment, or at a park

Think about this for a while and let's get some "Roof Top Christianity" back in the U.S. Church of today!

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