Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Jan. 7, 2009 - For the 5th time, I put my youngest son on a plane for him to return to the other side of the world. Aaron Burns has served in Southern China now for 5 years. It never gets easier, but, God gives Coletta and I special peace in the midst of our sadness. We know this is where God wants Aaron, and where Aaron wants to be. He loves the people and the culture of China. He flew today from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Denver, then L. A. then Tokyo, and will land in Hong Kong. As I write this, Aaron Burns is 30,000 plus feet somewhere over the Pacific. Some might ask, "How can he have the strength to do this and how do his parents give him up?" First let me say that with Email, free phone calls and an occasional "web cam" that certainly makes it better! Secondly, God's will is always the very best place to be, and yes, even though it's always hard to say "good bye," it is a joy knowing that Aaron is right where HE KNOWS God wants him to be. He has tons of Chinese and American friends in Dongguan City, and also in Hong Kong. Being single, he is free to travel more than if he were married, and Aaron has been places that most people would only dream of going. He has friends around the world, literally, and is as happy as any married man with a dozen kids could ever think of being! You can click on Aaron's blog (upper right corner of the screen) and keep up with his work in China. Please pray for him as he travels and ministers in a city of 7 million people. "Aaron, it was so good having you home for the Holidays. Thanks for coming. Great to have your Brother, Matt and his family home also. Love ya man!"

As painful as going to the Indy airport was for me this morning at 4:45, I can honestly say by the grace of God, "It's all going to be O.K."

I'm Jim Burns, Pastor of the Liberty Baptist Church in Van Wert, Ohio, and that's "Something to Think About!"