Saturday, December 11, 2010


(Pictured:  My wife, Coletta with our granddaughter, Miley Burns)

In spite of My wife's horrible pain, I think she had a great birthday yesterday.  Her parents drove up from Marion, Ohio and surprised her for lunch and cake.  We sang the B. D. song, and she blew out her candles.  I won't say how many candles!  Since she has been pretty much bed fast due to her pinched sciatic nerve, some of the women from the church have been bringing over food for lunch each day this week.  What a blessing!  With my "lack of" cooking skills and almost daily trips to Wendy's and Balyeat's, the home cooked meals have hit the spot.  Other than my in-laws coming for the afternoon, Coletta's birthday was pretty low key this year since she was not able to leave the house. 

Today, Dave and Shelly Miller, a couple who attend our church got married at a nearby country church and their reception was at Liberty (our church).   As I type this,  we are getting    T. V. and Internet reports that a possible blizzard like snow will be starting in about 3 hours.  Temperatures will be dropping like crazy soon and it presently raining pretty hard.  So, Sunday morning church could be a little challenging.  We have several folks who drive as far as 25 and 30 miles in to fellowship and serve at our church, and I must accept the fact that with ice on the roads topped with drifting snow, many won't be able to come. As dangerous as it could be, I certainly don't want them to take a risk. These are "Sundays" Pastors never order, but get from the Lord to humble us (I guess).

So why don't you come and worship with us tomorrow?   If you can't, then send money.  HA!

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PS.  Please pray for our son, Aaron Burns who is flying home from China Dec. 29th.  He has not been home for two years.