Friday, September 24, 2010


It's almost midnight on Friday night, Sept. 24, 2010, and I'm feeling guilty. Whenever I was out of town, sick, making church visits or entertaining my 3 year old granddaughter on Sat. morning, I would have an underlying "guilt trip" going on for not being at the Sat. work day at our church. I'm sure I can testify for myself as well as about 20 faithful church men and women from Liberty Baptist. "Tomorrow's Saturday and I don't have to go to work on the church building!" It's weird. When you add the hundreds of building committee meetings, praying and working to get needed funds, votes and decisions to make on what to do and "how to do it," (or, what color it should be), we are all drained, beat down and tired. But, as my son Aaron in China would say, "It's a GOOD tired!" And that it is.

There's no way I can thank the hard workers in our church for working on turning the Horace Mann School into a church building to house the Liberty Baptist Ministries. I just pray God will richly reward all of you. Very soon, I will type up a blog post about last week end's ribbon cutting, Dedication Service with Dr. Bob Jones, III and his wife, Beneth as our guests, and how the first two Sundays in our new auditorium went. Officially, this coming Sunday will be my first Sunday to preach behind the pulpit the church bought me 2 years ago. But, that's O. K., cos we saved it for NOW!

So, after over two years of work days, work nights, literal blood, literal sweat, and literal "tears," it's over. But, really, it will never be over until Jesus comes! Cos, we have tons of souls to reach for Christ, and plenty of roof leaks. Maybe doing those two maintenance projects will keep us out of trouble until the rapture!

I'm tired Jim C. Burns, along with a tired wife and a tired church . . . . . AND THAT'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!