Friday, July 2, 2010


(Pictured: Mike Ramser)

Thanks to Mike Ramser, Fred Heimann, Steve Mengerink, and Larry Nighswander our four new auditorium air conditioners are up and running!

As of last Saturday, the former Horace Mann School Gym which was built in 1953 has air conditioning for the very first time! This is the new Liberty Baptist Church auditorium, and this summer, it is all coming together! Today, all 30 of the ceiling light bulbs were installed and the pulpit platform is being built. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the tireless volunteer workers and to all of you who have given sacrificially to see this project through. I really believe we will be worshipping in this beautifully remodeled room by the first Sunday of September,2010.

(Pictured: Steve Mengerink, Project Manager)

Stop by and take a look! It's not only exciting, it's "something to think about!"

(Pictured: Larry Nighswander, and Fred Heimann, Building Supervisor)


PS. Another big thanks goes out to Mark and Chris Bayus of M & M Sound from Ohio City for running the wires and hooking up the electricity for our new lights.
(Pictured: Mike Ramser outside of auditorium)