Monday, November 16, 2009

Pheasant Hunting 14 Years Later!

Pictured above are: Bill Greene, Matt Burns, and Jim C. Burns.

Last Saturday, I was privileged to go pheasant hunting with my oldest son, Matt and Bill Greene, our former Van Wert Fire Marshall and his dog, Archie. You know time is zooming by when you come home from a day of hunting and calculate that it has been 14 years since I went pheasant hunting with my son, Matt (near Meade, Kansas), and it has been 40 years since I had hunted with a bird dog! Bird hunting is quite different in Northern Ohio compared to Kansas. Here, you buy how many birds you want to hunt, the game bird owner releases the birds in a field (covered in tall wild grass), and it's kind of a "hide and go seek" hunting. It was much more difficult and challenging than I thought it would be. We were in a fifty acre field about five hours, and my gun only went off twice! (I missed). But Bill and Matt got four pheasants between them.

The weather could not have been better, and the real hero of the day was Bill's hunting dog, Archie, who found and pointed out all of the pheasants. It was good exercise, a lot of fun, and a huge blessing to me to have the health, strength, and ability to go walk in a field, enjoy the Lord's great outdoors, and have a friend that would take us and a son that took time out to spend a whole day with his "old man." The pheasants were cleaned out on the field, and Bill gave all the birds to the Burns! The icing on the cake for our day of hunting was to come home to Coletta's kitchen and enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal together.

Thanks Matt, Bill, and Archie for a wonderful day in the great outdoors!