Monday, April 28, 2008

Annie from China

This past week end, my wife Coletta and I along with our entire congregation were blessed to have Annie Wong, a native of Dongguan City, China as our guest here at Van Wert, Ohio. This was Annie’s first visit to the U. S. Annie is a friend of our son, Aaron Burns who lives and works in China. The ladies at our church hosted a special Sat. afternoon Tea for Annie at Georgene Brown’s farm house near Convoy, Ohio, and Annie was our featured guest at our Sunday morning church service. After touring our Sunday School classes, Annie testified, sang, and answered questions during our morning worship service. God blessed us with 151 people in this service, and after Annie’s presentation, I don’t think we had a “dry eye in the house.” For me, the most touching part of Annie’s testimony besides her reading Psalm 23 in Chinese was these words she shared, “It is so difficult to talk about my childhood. No joy. But now because of Jesus, I have joy in my life.”

Once again, a huge reminder of what life is really all about and why we as believers are here on the earth. Annie’s bold testimony of her Savior made us as American Christians seem very anemic. “Annie, it was a joy to have you in the Burns’ home and in our church at Van Wert, Ohio, U.S.A. Thank you for blessing us with your presence.”

That’s something to think about!